5 easy braid ideas

If you’ve always wanted to braid your hair but never really known how to get started, then you’re in luck. Braiding your hair can look daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is the right know-how and the right teacher, and you’ll be creating epic looks in no time. Don’t believe us? Just check out these 5 easy braid ideas.

Milkmaid braid

There’s a high chance that you’ve seen some of your favorite celebs rock this look, which is proof that you don’t have to be a milkmaid to pull it off! Although it may seem as though the milkmaid braid is difficult to perfect, it’s actually a lot easier than you would think. All you have to do is part your hair in the middle, and then plait them into a traditional pigtail braid. Once you have done this on both sides of your hair, wrap each braid over your head and then secure it in place. Once you have secured both of them, they should lie next to each other and be securely fastened and in place.

5 easy braid ideas

Two half-up side braids

If you’re looking for a laid-back look that won’t take you a huge amount of time to complete, then the two half-up side braids have got your back. This braid is super simple to perfect and looks casual and chic at the same time. To create this look, simply create two braids from the side of your head and pull them back to create one larger center braid. Once you’ve done this, it should look a little bit like you’re wearing a tiara.

The twisted crown braid

Braids can be pretty difficult to master, and they also require a huge amount of time and patience. If you’re kinda lacking in those departments, then you might want to give this twisted crown braid a whirl instead. That’s because this braid looks like your typical braid, but without all of the hassle. For this look, you just need to grab two small sections from each side of your hair and twist them until they meet in the middle. Then, secure these pieces with bobby pins and let the ends flow down together. It’s subtle, but it’s effective.

Upside down braided space buns

Space buns are one of the coolest hair trends that this world has on offer, but did you know that you can incorporate these buns with some cool braids? To perfect the upside down braided space buns, you’ll need to tip your head upside down, and then French plait two equal sections of your hair. This should create two long plaits that are tight against your scalp, but then come off your head as part of an extra plait. It’s this extra plait that you’re then going to twist around into buns on the top of your head. Once you’ve done this, secure the buns with bobby pins.

5 easy braid ideas

The fishtail braid

If you’ve always wanted to look like a mermaid, this one is definitely for you. It takes a little bit of practice to perfect a fishtail braid, but once you’ve nailed it, you’ve got it for life. It always looks better to create your fishtail look to the side, so start off this look with a side pony. Once you’ve got this, split this pony into two sections. Then, take a small piece from the outside of one section, bring it around the front of that section, and then join it with the other side. Repeat this with the other side, and then keep going back and forth.

Which one will you try first?