The little known stories about Todd Chrisley and his family

Ascent into fame

Todd Chrisley first made his reality TV debut in 2014, and he’s never looked back. Chrisley Knows Best has since become a television staple in households across the world, and all six seasons of his show have been instant hits. After making his millions as a real estate developer, people couldn’t wait to see what life was really like for Todd behind closed doors. Yet, they soon realized that his life wasn’t as squeaky clean as advertised – especially with his family involved.

A popular TV show

After building up a reputation for himself as a rich Georgian businessman, Todd Chrisley knew that the next step on his ladder to success would be a reality TV show. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait too long to be offered this chance, and cameras soon began following his every move. When the first season of the show came onto our screens in 2014, it was an immediate success. The pilot drew in millions of viewers, and the show – about the Chrisley family’s first-world problems – was quickly renewed.

The parents

Todd shares the job of a parent with his wife, Julie Christie – but it’s fair to say that their unique parenting skills haven’t won over everyone at watching home. He has been known to adopt eccentric punishments and has even thrown a MacBook into their pool during one encounter with his children, and many believe he is a little strict. Nevertheless, he has always stood by the way that he raises his kids and knows that teaching them valuable life lessons is the first step to raising humble children.

Not the first woman

Although we’ve watched Julie Christie do her thing on Chrisley Knows Best, she is not the first woman to have Todd’s heart. When he was just a teenager, Todd bumped into a woman by the name of Teresa Terry at a party. The pair hit it off immediately and dated for three years before tying the knot. What you might not realize about this photo, though, is that their wedding flowers aren’t just there for aesthetics. They were also placed there to hide Teresa’s growing baby bump from the rest of her family…

Welcoming their family

After making an honest woman of Teresa, the couple eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child. In September 1989, they welcomed Lindsie Chrisley into the world – but they weren’t over just yet. When Lindsie was just two years old, they expanded their brood once again and welcomed Kyle Chrisley into the world. During this time, Todd had made his first foray into the world of real estate investment. He put what little money they had into these properties which meant they had little for their family, but he knew it was going to pay off.

Cracks in their marriage

Although both Todd and Teresa were excited about their new business venture, it meant that Todd would often work long hours and even work away from home for long periods of time. They would have to move around the country, and it just all seemed too much for the young family. Before too long cracks were beginning to show in their marriage, and they struggled to maintain the happiness and the love they felt when they first tied the knot. In fact, their smiles were beginning to wane.

A tough break up

By 1994, Teresa had had enough. She couldn’t live in her unhappy marriage any longer, and she needed to get away from Todd and his business. So, she took their son and left their daughter with her husband in the hope that it would be an amicable breakup. However, Todd was not happy about the situation and put up an almighty fight to be reunited with his wife and his family. Despite his attempts, Teresa and Todd officially signed the divorce papers in 1996 and decided to share the custody of their children.

Moving to California

To start with, Teresa and Todd really tried to make their shared custody arrangement work. They didn’t live too far away from each other and could manage the parenting plan easily. Yet, this all changed when Todd decided to move to California for the sake of his real estate business. Because they didn’t want to force their children to do anything they didn’t want to, Teresa and Todd asked their children whether they wanted to stay with their mother or move with their father to California. In the end, they followed their father.

Moving on

With a new life and new opportunities ahead, it seemed as though things were getting better and better for the real estate mogul. His life took another turn just one month after his divorce was finalized when he tied the knot for the second time. On this occasion, it was the turn of Julie Hughes. Although they officially got married in 1996, they had actually known each other for many years. They first met when Julie was struggling with her life in a trailer and her own family circumstances.

New additions

Similarly to his first marriage, Todd soon welcomed children into the world with Julie. Chase Chrisley was born in 1996, and then they welcomed the arrival of Savannah Chrisley just one year later. The couple were over the moon to have their own children together and put all of their efforts into raising them in a loving household. Todd helped Chase nurture his athletic abilities, while Julie helped Savannah chase her own dreams of becoming Miss Tennessee. Her hard work paid off because Savannah won the pageant!

Working hard

Although he was intent on making sure all of his children were taken care of, this didn’t come easy. Todd put in long hours trying to transform run-down houses into works of art, and he put everything he had into these projects. Thankfully, this hard work eventually paid off, because Todd was slowly but surely becoming a respected real estate mogul. Before too long, everyone knew his name, and he eventually had the money to create his own business. That was the start of Chrisley Asset Management.

Falling on hard times

However, it all seemed too good to be true for the Chrisley family in 2008 – because they were soon struck by the infamous market crash. All of the money Todd forked into his homes seemed to disappear in front of his eyes, and he had to sell his properties for below-budget prices. He was losing money quickly and had to apply for loans to pay his debts. In another bittersweet turn of events, Julie and Todd had also welcomed another son into the world. With another mouth to feed, they were in trouble.

Drowning in debt

In fact, you could say that Todd was drowning in debt during this tough time. Although he relied on loans to keep his business afloat, this had a disastrous effect on his bank account. It’s believed that Todd was a whopping $49.4 million in debt – which isn’t something you can pay off easily. This debt came from numerous sources and business dealings. He owed $12 million in mortgage debt, $600,000 in unpaid taxes, $4.4 million to his wife, and another $30 million after one of his business dealings fell at the first hurdle.

A brand new show

Thankfully, Todd was offered a saving grace in 2017 when he was given a chance to have a second show to his name. After the success of Chrisley Knows Best, the network wanted to reap the rewards of his infectious personality and his family drama. From this, According to Chrisley was born. This show once again follows the life of Todd, his wife, and his children, but is produced in a talk-show format. While the cameras are rolling, they discuss everything from parenting to relationships and more.

Trying something new

As his bank account made its way out of the red and into the clear, Todd was free to focus on other aspects of his life. He wanted to make the most of the opportunities that were thrown his way and decided to try something new. Most notably, he decided to make his entrance into the world of music. To do this, Todd worked alongside the famous country singer, Shane Stevens, to produce a single that would later take the world by storm. He also debuted his singing talents during season four of Chrisley Knows Best.

Coming to her aid

Nowadays, Todd also has the chance to spend more and more time with his children. Because they are so close, he couldn’t help but come to his daughter’s aid when fake rumors about her and her daughter were swirling around the internet. These rumors suggested that 21-year-old Savannah had broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Luke. However, this just wasn’t the case, and Todd decided to set the record straight on his own social media pages. He posted this photograph of the couple to show that they were just as loved-up as ever.

Chrisley spin-off

Over the course of Chrisley Knows Best, Savannah and Chase Chrisley have become fan favorites. People tune in every week to see what the youngsters are up to, and they have a huge social media following. In fact, producers are even in talks to give these two siblings their very own spinoff show! If this show goes ahead, it’s believed that it will follow their lives as they battle through adulthood and deal with their parents as older children. If this comes to a head, we can imagine it will be just as popular as Chrisley Knows Best.

A complicated relationship

Fans of Todd Chrisley and his family will know that he has an incredibly strong bond and relationship with his children – but he has an especially strong relationship with his daughters. On the show, it’s clear to see that he gives his sons a much harder ride of it than his daughters, and he has occasionally clashed heads with his sons. This is especially true for Todd and Kyle. In fact, their relationship has been so strained that Kyle was noticeably absent during season two of the show…

Devastating claims

Although those who keep up to date with the Chrisley family have tried to understand why Kyle was not present during season two, fans haven’t been able to receive a proper answer. Instead, both parties have given their own turn of events, and they’re pretty different. Kyle has noted that his father’s monetary dealings caused him to shy away from his family. Allegedly, he didn’t like the way that his father was paying his taxes, and couldn’t stand by and watch his father supposedly dupe the system.

A new version of events

However, this wasn’t the only claim that Kyle made against his father. In 2014, Kyle sold a story to the press that gave an insight into the lives of those on Chrisley Knows Best. He maintained that the whole concept of the show was not as free-spirited as it seemed and that they had to work from scripts that were given to them by producers. Todd Chrisley himself was quick to shut down these allegations, and responded with a statement that claimed they were 100% themselves on the show.

A true business mogul

No matter what you believe when it comes to the relationship between Todd and Kyle, you can’t deny the fact that Todd Chrisley has been hugely successful over the course of his career. He has built his business from the rubble and turned it into something extraordinary – even if he has had one of two blips in the process. Now, he is still regarded as one of the most famous real estate developers in the United States, and Chrisley Asset Management is a huge player in the game.

The psychology behind it

Perhaps it is this success that has caused a rift between Todd and his first-born son. His father has become hugely successful since moving on from his own mother and even started a new family with his new wife. Psychologists state that he could feel as though he is being replaced, and is reaching out for some form of acceptance. In fact, Kyle checked into a rehabilitation clinic when he was just 19 years old, but this put an even bigger strain on Todd and his struggling financial assets.

The third generation

In 2012, Todd Chrisley became a grandfather when Kyle and his former girlfriend welcomed their daughter into the world. Chloe Chrisley was a beautiful asset to the family, but things soon turned sour when Kyle and the mother of his child broke up. She took Chloe with her and refused to let any of the Chrisley see her. They soon embarked on a bitter custody battle that set them back thousands of dollars, but they knew that they couldn’t let her get away with it. They wanted Chloe back into their lives.

A bitter custody battle

Although their custody battle was successful, it didn’t stand in Kyle’s favor. Because he was still so young and had previously been in a rehabilitation center – in the end, he wasn’t deemed responsible enough to look after Chloe. Instead, the judge decided to hand over full custody of Chloe to Todd Chrisley himself. Todd told his son that he would be able to see Chloe whenever he wanted and that he wanted him to be a part of her life, but Kyle was not happy with the ruling.

Starting over again

After the court ruling, Kyle made a vow to himself to leave his family behind and start anew. He has cut all ties with his family but hopes that they continue to thrive and succeed in the limelight and with the rest of their family around them. Now, he is focusing on his new life with his wife, their dog, and the love that they share. He hopes to one day start a family with his wife and prove that he can be a good father to his child. Sadly, Todd Chrisley won’t be a part of this new life.