Why black is the most commonly worn color in the world

In the world of fashion, it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. However, if there is one color that has been coming back year after year, it’s black. It seems unstoppable! The question is: why is black the most commonly worn color? Is it really that great?

It goes with everything

And we mean EVERYTHING. Think of a color that doesn’t go with black. Got one? Precisely. To make it even better, wearing an all-black outfit means you no longer have to worry about clashing patterns or mismatching clothes. At long last, your accessories, jackets, and shoes will all match your outfit no matter what you wear. Thank you, black clothing!

Season of style

Black can be worn in any season of the year no matter what the weather. White is a brave – or disastrous – choice for any wet weather days, while overly bright colors in the winter can often look off. Amazingly, black always seems to be a popular choice all year around. Summer? Black shorts for the win. Winter? A black jacket will see you through. Just try and prove us wrong.

Looks slimming

Black is said to look slimming, and the experts aren’t lying. The color doesn’t reflect any light meaning no hidden details will be brought to the surface when the sun starts shining. Plus, black hides any shadows that may be caused by parts of your body. These teamed together can instantly make anyone look slimmer. The perfect choice for anyone aiming to show off their figure.

Stand out by blending in

Yup, you read that right. Wearing an all-black outfit doesn’t scream to everyone that you are trying to make a statement. After all, black isn’t known for its eye-catching qualities. However, if all your clothes are one color, you could find yourself standing out for all the right reasons. People won’t believe their eyes when they see how striking such a simple color can really be.

It’s always in style

As the world continues to turn, fashionistas are busy setting the latest trends and uncovering the next best color. From unicorn shades to neon pops and everything in between, these colors continue to come and go. However, there is one shade that never goes out of trend: black. By topping up on all the latest dark clothing, you could have yourself a wardrobe full of fashion for years to come.

No more marks

Perhaps you’re like us and seem to end up wearing as much as your lunch as you do eating? We can’t help it, scrolling through Instagram and focusing on food are too complicated to do at the same time. Amazingly, with a black outfit, you will be able to camouflage any stains coming your way. The material is so dark that no one should be able to tell your double choca mocha ended up on your lap once again.

Act your age

As if there weren’t enough reasons to choose black clothes already, we have another. Wearing black is said to make you look more mature. Got a job interview coming up? Try opting for a dark outfit. This can be a brilliant way to get others to take you seriously as well as cover up that baby face you may have been living with for years.

It’s official; black is the new black after all. As well as being so diverse, there are many great reasons that opting for the most commonly worn color can have a massive impact on your life. Move over pastel shades; we’re about to hit the stores and create our new, dark look.