You can be stylish and modest with these brands

When it comes to fashion, everyone is different. Style is a personal thing. There’s no doubt that many people enjoy following trends because it makes them feel good. However, there are also a lot of people who feel like the current fashion trends are centered around celebrity fashion. In day-to-day life it can be totally impractical to wear a tight lacy number with various fashion cut-outs that show your mid-section, sides or back! Where do we go if we want to look fabulous and not have to worry about showing everything off?

There is a modest fashion movement that bridges the gap between trendy clothing and those who want to keep things a little more modest. After all, sometimes we want to look good without having to worry about what part of us is on show!

Hana Tajima

This designer is not only trendy but very affordable. Her most popular designs are a collaborative work with Uniqlo. She caters for people who are looking for a sophisticated look, offering both comfortable, wider silhouettes as well as a few modestly fitted designs. Hana Tajima is British-Japanese and initially launched her works in Asia. However, to her delight, they soon became available worldwide due to popular demand.

Hana Tajima

Diana Kotb

Diana Kotb created her brand originally for Muslim women to be provided with a high-fashion brand that caters for their modesty standards. She knows her stuff too; she’s worked for Marie Claire magazine and some of the biggest names in Australian fashion. Her designs are of the highest quality and offer a variety of choices.

Hanya by Veen Dee Tan

For this designer, it’s all about taking something deemed ‘non-modest’ and styling it modestly. This way, it means women who feel uncomfortable in less modest clothing can enjoy the effortless style of similar clothing, with none of the anxiety. This label doesn’t focus on rules, but about how the wearer feels, which is a massive aspect of fashion. This is a more high-fashion brand, rather than an everyday wear brand.

Nurita Harith

This designer focuses on enhancing silhouettes and providing gorgeous gowns for women. She dabbles in less modest clothing too, but all of her items boast sophistication. This is a luxury brand with some beautiful designs. She finds new ways of enhancing feminine curves and turning modesty on its head. While other modesty brands provide comfort, Nurita Harith provides luxury gowns and muted grandeur.


This brand offers both luxury items and affordable everyday fashion. Many items are not dissimilar to the high fashion brands in fast-fashion stores, although they’re made from more comfortable and durable material. They also create couture and bridal gowns for even the most devoted followers of luxury brands. This brand was founded by Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Haffiz in 2011. With backgrounds in fashion and architecture, they decided they would create a diverse modern fashion brand.


There are a variety of modern fashion brands focusing on more modest styles, but, for the most part, it’s about giving people a choice and filling the gap in the market. Many women fashion designers have started their own brands, and design garments for groups of women who they feel don’t have a high representation when it comes to trends. Of course, everyone can choose to wear what they like, this is merely adding to the variety of options out there. So, if you’re someone who prefers to wear more modest styles, these brands will not only fill that gap, but will make you feel amazing too.