Fashion trends that are making a comeback

It’s time to shake out the old wardrobe and revive some of your fashion stash from the 80s and 90s! Some of the hits and misses from the era are making a big comeback this year, so don’t miss out on this chance to wear some of your old favorites (or invest in some updated versions from the high street or high fashion brands) again.

Colorful sunglasses

Browns, blacks, grays, and deep blues are for the wallflowers. Pick out a pair of sunglasses with bright colorful lenses – a surprising pink lens can put a spin on looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Or experiment with bright blue or vivid green. Have fun!

Round sunglasses

While on the sunglasses trend, don’t forget to invest in a good pair with round lenses. With the 60s John Lennon look back in style, You will look completely on-trend and oh-so-stylish in your shades.


Logos are back again, so don’t shy away from wearing your favorites on your sleeve or anywhere else you fancy. Celebs are out and about flashing big brand names in bold designs and allover logo prints on their bags, dresses, shirts, and jackets.


While it seems that Denim fashion never faded away, it still feels as it made a small comeback these days. If you’ve been having deja vu on the high street from all the denim in stores, it’s not your fault if you feel you’ve stepped back in time. Denim dungarees, denim separates, denim skirts… they’re all back.

Chunky sneakers

Indulge your practical side, because sneakers are back! Combine fashion with comfort in a stylish pair of oversized sneakers. They get an update with platform heels and sparkly metallic tones.


Scrunchies aren’t for the shower anymore. Wear beautifully designed ones with aplomb when you step out for a casual brunch at a cafe or a trip to the beach. Pick well and you might even land yourself some in jewel tone silk or pop colors that can make a real fashion statement.

Tube tops and crop tops

Don’t stick with demure blouses or boring T-shirts any longer. Get a crop top or tube top to go with your favorite pants and you’ll look as good as the next star on the red carpet. Tube tops feel like they just went away in the 2000s, but they’re definitely back. And if it’s your well worked out abs you’d like to show off, pick a crop top to combine style with a relaxed look.

Fanny packs

We never thought we’d say this, but fanny packs are back and how! Once reserved for practical dads, the fanny pack has been reinvented as a fashion statement of today. The modern version is minimalist and is more of a belt wallet, but unmistakable as an ode to the classic.

Square-toed sandals

If you always loved and missed your old square-toed sandals, rejoice, because they’re back in style. Designers have launched new collections which include some of these beauties, so go ahead and pick up a pair.