Where to find clothes the Royal Family wears

Whether you love them or are indifferent about them, you probably want to look like them. Many regard the Royal Family as the pinnacle of elegance and grace, with much of the attention focusing on Meghan and Kate. Of course, with all the advantages of being a member of the Royal Family, there are also the plethora of rules that come with the territory. Many of those rules will affect their fashion choices; but that’s okay because most of the time they are revered for their stunning choices and the example they set for people everywhere. There are many fans of the Royal Family who look to them for inspiration; however, this can feel unachievable for the non-Royal folk as the expense of their wardrobe can seem astronomical.

Where to find clothes the Royal Family wears

It’s all about their designers

One of the many starting points of discovering the Royals’ wardrobe is to discover their designers. Of course, you’ll need to stay open-minded as some of their key pieces may also be designed and tailored specifically. This means they will be much harder, if not outright impossible to get ahold of. It’s also good to remember that there are always cheaper versions! Sure, they won’t be quite the same, and the material will be less luxurious – but for many, this is more realistic.

Kate loves Zara

Great news, Zara is a high street brand and certainly earns the label of ‘affordable’ when it comes to dressing like the Royals. According to Marie Claire online, Kate loves Zara so much that she has collected various items such as blouses, blazers and so on. How great is that? One of her favorite Zara items is the breezy charity polo game dress, which has since sold out. So, in order to dress like casual Kate, simply start with Zara.

Meghan shops H&M

There was a lot of publicity surrounding this when Meghan was seen sporting a beige H&M dress that complimented the rest of her outfit. Obviously, fans of the Royals were going crazy over the fact that all they had to do to dress like the Duchess was to head over to the nearest H&M! It’s always a surprising turn of events when a celebrity ends up being more like the rest of us than we first think. Yes, they too take a break from expensive designer brands.

Where to find clothes the Royal Family wears

Alexander McQueen stole both their hearts

Meghan has been spotted in several Alexander McQueen numbers, including to ceremony awards, and as part of her general wardrobe. However, the times Kate has worn Alexander McQueen is almost countless, although we’re sure there are plenty of blogs out there that can detail everything she and Meghan have ever worn. A few prime examples of events where the ladies wore iconic outfits include the Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, their cousin Eugenie’s wedding, and, most significantly, their own weddings.

Of course, the Royal wardrobe is filled with endless possibilities, but with so much online content and people following Meghan and Kate’s every move, you are never too many clicks away from inspiration. And, thanks to fast-fashion brands, you’re never too far from a similar, but more affordable piece to look just like them.