Why heels are a woman’s best friend

High heels have always had a special place in the wardrobe of women across the generations. These shoes are not only extremely versatile and look great with a variety of outfits, but are also very effective in adding a touch of grace and poise to your personality. Although high heels have often been criticized as not being a comfortable option for prolonged wear, there are tons of amazing reasons why they are essentially a woman’s best friend.

Elongate your frame

One of the obvious reasons why millions of women around the world love to pair up their favorite outfits with high heels is that they instantly add a few inches to your frame, making you look taller. For those of us who have not been blessed with great height, high heel shoes can be a true blessing in disguise. And with the right pair of heels, you can wear your favorite outfits without worrying about looking short or stout.

Make your legs look slender

High heeled shoes have the tendency to make your calf muscles taut. As a result of which, your legs appear well toned and shapely. Also, since your calf muscles need to maintain your body balance depending on the size of the heel, they stay tight and contracted while your walk. As such, with prolonged usage of heels, you might notice less fat and more muscles around your calves.

Why heels are a woman’s best friend

Improve body posture

While wearing heels, your body maintains its balance by angling your back, and pressing your chest forward, thus providing you the perfect posture for walking and standing still. The right posture not only creates the illusion of a smaller waist, but also makes your look taller, more slender, and more confident in your stride.

Dress up simple outfits

A stylish pair of heels has the power to transform seemingly simple attire into a head-turner. With the right heels, you can instantly enhance your appearance by adding a touch of glam and sensuality to your look. Since high heel shoes make you look taller and provide you the right posture, you both feel and look smartly dressed. The right pair of heels are great for polishing off your look for any occasion.

Why heels are a woman’s best friend

Extremely versatile

The most attractive aspect of a high-heeled shoe is that it is extremely versatile in nature and can be paired with a wide variety of outfits. You can pair your heels with anything and everything from a pencil skirt to a pair of casual denims and even luxurious evening gowns. High-heeled shoes can instantly add a touch of glam to both casual, as well as formal attire with ease. Regardless of whether you need to achieve a polished look for a business meeting or dress up for a hot date night, you can never go wrong with a high heel footwear.

The key to picking the right pair of heels for your attire is ensuring that your footwear complements your overall look. Stilettos in neutral shades such as nude, beige, and tan look extremely sophisticated and can be paired with a variety of outfits.