Items you should always keep in your bag to be ready for anything

Does anyone else have a morning mantra? As you douse your hair with dry shampoo in an attempt to make it look less greasy and shove a piece of toast in your mouth, you probably recite this mantra. Keys, phone, wallet. Keys, phone, wallet. Keys, phone, wallet. As long as you leave the house with these three vital components on your person, you’re ready for the day, right? Although this might seem like the case, you might often feel as though you’re not prepared for what life throws at you. Your keys can’t protect you from a bee sting, your phone won’t protect you from chapped lips, and your wallet won’t protect you from an empty battery. Yep, these are the items you should always keep in your bag to be ready for anything…

Portable charger

If you’re just as obsessed with your cell phone as we are, you’ll know just how sad and infuriating it can be when your phone runs out of battery in the middle of the day. That game of Candy Crush just can’t wait! Luckily, there is something you can put in your bag to make sure you’re ready for this eventuality. By keeping a portable charger on your person at all times, you can ensure that you can charge your phone in an instant without having to be by a plug socket. Genius, right?

Items you should always keep in your bag to be ready for anything

Pack of Kleenex

Although they may just be small rectangles of thin paper, tissues are life savers and can be used for various different reasons. Putting on your lipstick in a rush? Use a Kleenex to blot the excess lippy so you won’t get it on your teeth. Got a fly in your eye? Use a Kleenex to wipe it away and keep your makeup in check. Realized a bird has done its business on your brand new suit? Grab your Kleenex to wipe it up and pretend that it never happened.


What is life without music? Boring, that’s what! You never know what’s going to happen during your day, so it’s always best to carry a pair of headphones with you in your bag. It may be that you get bored on your lunch break and want to listen to a bit of music. It may be that your train gets delayed on the way home and you want to catch up on your latest show. It may be that your co-worker wants to show you a viral video that has cracked them up for half an hour, or it might be that you just want to block out the noise of your co-workers while going about your day. The opportunities are endless.

A notebook

You don’t have to be a writer or an artist to carry around a little notebook. No, you can be anyone! By carrying around a small notebook in your bag, you can ensure that you are ready for any ideas or lists that come into your mind. It may just be your shopping list, or it may be a brand new idea for work. Either way, it’s always best to write these little tidbits in a book rather than on your phone. After all, you can’t let your phone rule every part of your life, can you?

Items you should always keep in your bag to be ready for anything

A first aid kit

Do you ever find yourself covered in bruises, scrapes, and bites? Well, you might need to add a first aid kit into your life. You don’t need to have the ER stockroom in your bag, but a small first aid kit will really come in handy if you ever find yourself in a spot of bother. This kit will hold things such as band aids, antiseptic towelettes, or just a few painkillers for you headache.

Do you always find yourself wondering what else you need to put in your bag? Well, add these items into your life, and we guarantee you will always be prepared for what life throws at you.