The secret behind Meghan Markle’s wedding hairstyle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are THE couple of the decade. Okay, it may actually be a tie with Prince William and Kate Middleton, but you know what we mean. Because of this, there’s a high chance that you’ve probably heard of a little wedding ceremony that went down on May 19, 2018. On this day, the world and his dog watched in their millions as Meghan and Harry exchanged their vows and became husband and wife, Duke and Duchess, and royal heartbreakers. Yet, it seems there was a secret behind Meghan Markle’s wedding hairstyle…

The royal debate

So, why is everyone chatting about Meghan Markle’s wedding ‘do so much? Well, it seems that some people aren’t happy about the fact that the now-Duchess was spotted with wispy hair and flyaways that just didn’t seem to fit her new royal look. In their eyes, Meghan should have donned a perfect hairstyle that would not move out of place no matter how bumpy the horse and carriage was, and no matter how much she tried to perfect the Macarena in the evening. Because this wasn’t the case, the people of the internet have been outraged. This brings us to our next question.

The royal stylist

Who was the royal hairstylist? Surely with all of this backlash, he’s feeling pretty foolish right now? Well we’ve got news for you, ladies and gentlemen, he isn’t! The royal hairstylist in question is Serge Normant. Normant is a celeb stylist based in New York City and is known for being kind of a big deal in the world of famous faces – but it seems as though he isn’t fazed about the fact that people are criticizing his talent. He knows that he delivered exactly what the new Duchess wanted on the day, and he can rest easy knowing that he done his job perfectly. That’s because Meghan wanted something very specific for her wedding day.

The royally unstructured look

Yes, Meghan Markle specifically instructed Serge Normant to leave her hair to do its own thing. In her words, she wanted an unstructured look that did not look too perfect, and would fall about during the day. She wanted to look natural and to show off other aspects of her appearance – and that’s exactly what she wanted to do. Because she was totally in love with her Givenchy dress (who wouldn’t be?) and her ridiculously beautiful tiara, Meghan didn’t want the attention taken away from these things because of her hair. Instead, she wanted her hair out of her face and loosely pinned back… and that’s what she got!

A royal progression

Since that day, people from across the world have taken to Twitter and social media to discuss their distaste over Meghan’s hairstyle. Many have stated that they were distracted throughout the whole wedding because they wanted to fix her flyaways, while others couldn’t focus on her dress because they were too transfixed by her loose tendrils that were blowing in the wind and falling across her face. While this was part of her designated royal hairstyle, these loose ends were also the result of a natural royal progression. After all, who can honestly say their hair stayed perfect during their wedding day? You’d have to get some super strong hairspray for that…

We’re all going to remember the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the rest of our lives, but it seems as though some people haven’t been won over by Meghan’s hair. Luckily, you can all rest easy now as you know that there was a real reason for this! Hurrah!