Tips for the perfect smokey eye

The smokey eye is a timeless look that has been desired by many for a surprisingly long time. People were already learning how to utilize this trend in Ancient Egypt, where they had a whole palate of colorful makeup at their disposal. At the time, men as well as women were known to wear makeup. The beautiful queen Cleopatra is well known for her smokey eyes.

The look is especially sought after because it is thought to make a person look sultry as well as rebellious. It’s often used in high fashion and for fancier evening looks, but it isn’t usually seen in everyday fashion because it’s considered a bit too overdone for everyday use.

The ability to perfect this stunning look can take your makeup game to the next level, but it takes some practice to get it right. Even though the legendary smokey eye has been in use for thousands of years, it’s still easy to mess up. Let us look at a couple of tips which will take your smokey eye to the next level.

Want to be smudge-free? Use a primer

Eyelid primer is a very important step when applying makeup for a smokey eye. You want to prime your eyelids to make sure that your dark shadow and eyeliner doesn’t smear too easily while you’re out having a ball with your friends. If you skip this step, you might end up with smudged eye makeup sooner than you expect.

A bit of brown never hurt anyone

Add a bit of brown to your smokey eye so that your eye has a some dimension as well as warmth to it. Start by using a black pencil to line the underneath of your eyes. Once that’s done, take a small shadow brush and gently dip it into a brown eye shadow. Finish by putting it over the pencil. Using both these techniques lend a rich and diffused look to your smokey eye.

Play, play and play some more with colors

The most basic form of a smokey eye consists of greys, blacks, and maybe some deep purples thrown in. Once you get a feel of using these basic colors, experiment with different colors to find combinations that work for you. Remember that technique is more important than the colors you use. In that regard, play as if you were five years old again and find which colors work best for your eyes and complexion.

Remember to clean up when you’re done

Keep a couple of Q-tips as well as some eye-makeup remover handy. When you’re done applying your makeup, iron out the kinks and edges using the aforementioned Q-tips and eye-makeup remover. This will lend a more polished look to your fabulous smokey eye.

All eyes aren’t equal

There isn’t a one-size fits all solution when it comes to a smokey eye. Everyone’s eyes are different, so it takes some trial and error to figure out which smokey eye would flatter your face. This is why it is important to keep aside some time to experiment so that you know what works and what doesn’t.