The ultimate debate: Short hair vs. long hair

Ever since we were little, whether if we’re man or woman, hair was always a huge part of our life. If you find yourself confused about whether it is time to get a change of hairstyle, you’re probably already debating if you should go for long hair or short hair. There are also many other factors involved in the matter, such as your upbringing and the generation you grew up in. So what should you do? Grow it out more or take the plunge and snip it off into a short crop? Welcome to the ultimate debate:

The ultimate debate: Long hair vs. short hair

Long hair: To be or not to be?

It is hard not to get drawn into the idea of a head full of hair with lovely long tresses you can style into a different do each day. Pick from a variety of braids, ponytails, open hair, fringes, and more. For some women, having long hair also makes them feel more feminine. Being able to toss their mane about can make them feel fun and flirty.

But don’t lose sight of the time and effort it takes to look after long hair. You’ll need to plan your schedule around days when you wash your hair and prepare for an hour or so to dry and style it to your satisfaction. There’s also the matter of the cost of some styling treatments which tend to be higher if you have longer hair.

Should you go short?

Remember, there’s more than one kind of short hair. A soft bob and an edgy style couldn’t be more different. So if the idea that you’re stuck with just one look when you choose short hair has you worried, think again. Hair streaking, hair chalk and accessories that can add some spark and spunk to your look can work just as well on short hair. Plus, a little gel or some hairspray can take a look from work-chic to punk in a flash.

The ultimate debate: Long hair vs. short hair

And then there’s the maintenance of it all. Short hair is hassle free and quick to deal with on a busy day. No worries about a salon style blow dry or using a ton of hair products to keep it in place. Just wash, dry, and you’re ready to go!

So what’s the downside? Well, this is down to two things – whether a short crop suits your face and body and your own personal style and whether you’ll feel sad about chopping off your hair. And while every human being with long hair have contemplated with the ultimate question – should we grow long hair or to just keep it short, the answer is still not definite.

The bottom line is that there is no universal right or wrong way to go. Some people will prefer it long while others would ask for a short hair at the hairdresser. You’ll need to see what works best for you, weight the pros and cons, and arrive at your decision to go short or stay long!