Ways to Get Along Better With Your Boss

Let’s face it; work would be a whole lot more enjoyable if you got along with your boss, rather than feeling as though you are walking on eggshells. Chances are you boss would like it too – it can be pretty lonely at the top and often if your staff like you, they will respect you more, and therefore will create better work. So whether you want to be in line for a promotion, want to make up for missing a deadline or just really like your boss, here is how you can get along better with them.

Match their style

If you are someone who likes long, deep conversations, but your boss prefers things short and to the point make sure you try to match their communication style wherever possible. Pay attention to the way they behave and emulate it, both in email and in person. If they send emails that skip pleasantries and get straight down to business, do the same in your replies. They will appreciate it.

Book in a meeting

If you are having issues with your boss, it is important to talk about them, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. If you spring a meeting on them, they might feel ambushed and get defensive – not a great way to start! Schedule a meeting at a mutually agreed time, and approach things tactfully but openly. Try to avoid confrontational language and say things such as “I want to make sure that I am meeting your needs” to put a positive spin on a difficult conversation.

Get tips

If you notice that a particular one of your co-workers has a great relationship with your boss, don’t be afraid to quiz them about it. Ask them what they did to get to that stage and ask for tips on how you can do the same. They might have noticed something that you have been doing that perhaps your boss doesn’t like.


Your boss might be a bit of a hot head, and in these situations, it can be really difficult not to engage. You absolutely do not want to create conflict with your boss as this could jeopardize your career and completely destroy any chance of a relationship with your boss. If your boss is stressed and might be being quite difficult, do not engage, just take deep breaths. Don’t allow yourself to say something instinctively that you might later regret.

Make a change

Think about your behavior at work and see what reasons your boss might have for not getting along with you. Are you always late to work? Perhaps you have been underperforming? Do they not like the types of jokes you make in the office? There might be something that you could do to change their opinion of you.

Work will be so much easier if you get along with your boss and you might find that they are an interesting person. It won’t happen overnight and might require a little work (from both parties!), but if you manage to form a better relationship with your boss, it could really benefit your career.