What to do with your hair this summer

Ahhh, the summer. The sun (finally) comes out, the flowers are blooming, the heat begins to rise, and there’s just so much more to do. Yep, summer is pretty darn awesome, but one of the main reasons we love this epic season is because it gives us the chance to experiment with our style. We can whip out our daisy dukes without freezing, we can wear that beautiful summer dress we’ve had in our closet for a year, and we can try out jelly shoes and question whether they’re still a thing. However, it can be pretty difficult to know what to do with your hair in the summer. Do you go for a completely new style? Do you chop it all off? Well, this info is all you could need…

It’s all about the curls

If you have been blessed with curly hair, there’s a high chance that you ate your crusts when you were younger (because that’s how it works, right?). There’s also a high chance that you don’t like your curls. You might think that they are a struggle to tame, and you might believe that it’s almost impossible to do anything with them. Thankfully for you curly girls, this summer is your summer, because the curls are back! Untamed hair complete with kinks, curls and coils is all of the rage this years, and it seems as though the messier the better is the motto to live by.

Get your scarves out

Scarves are supposed to go around your neck, right? Well, not quite. This summer, scarves are the perfect hair accessory that will transform your hair from hair today, gone tomorrow, to HAIR FOREVER. For this look, you will need to embrace your inner Italian chic and pretend that you are taking a trip through the countryside in an open-top vintage car, but that’s totally the way you roll. Wrap it around your head with the tie at your chin, or fold the scarf and make a bandana out of it. The choice is totally yours, but we guarantee that you will look awesome.

What to do with your hair this summer

Grab your schoolbooks

During your school years, you might have worn your hair in perfect little braids that fell behind your shoulders to keep your hair in place. If this was you, you’re in luck – because the schoolgirl braid look is back in style! Rather than mastering a tight braid, the hairstyle of summer 2018 is a rough and ready braid that looks as though you’ve just whipped it up in a few seconds. Embrace the flyaways, accept the lumps and bumps, and rock that braid as if your school books depended on it.

Take a trip to sci-fi town

Have you ever wanted to grab the nearest box of hair dye in the store and just go for it? Well, summer 2018 could be the summer to do it – because it’s ALL about color this season. In fact, it seems as though the fashion gods and goddesses want us to take a trip to sci-fi town because electric blue is the color of the season. Yep, we’re talking the kind of electric blue that you really can’t miss in a crowd. This trend seems to have come about thanks to Hailey Baldwin, and it’s definitely here to stay. Be warned though: blue isn’t the kind of hair dye that won’t just wash out after a wash or two. This one is literally hear to stay…

Embrace the accessories

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to accessorize your hair, we have a feeling this thought will change forever when you realize that barrettes are back. Yes, you can slide these in your hair to add a little sparkle and shine to your hair, you can add a bit of glitz, and you can keep your hair back without it falling into your face. Let’s be honest; we don’t have a bad word to say about barrettes.

Been wondering what to do with your hair this summer? Well, it seems as though your opportunities are endless…