This golden milk recipe is the perfect nightcap

There is nothing more annoying than the desperate grasp for sleep that evades you, regardless of how many sheep you count. If you are looking for a magical cure for your nightly insomnia, look no further than the potion that is Golden Milk! Not a new mix, Golden Milk has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries, although it seems to have only gained popularity in the Western world very recently. So, what’s it all about?

The power of Turmeric

You might have used turmeric as a spice in certain dishes, and it has plenty of health benefits, not least of which the power to help you sleep, but without that horrible groggy feeling that often comes the next morning after taking things to help you sleep. Bear this in mind when making your delicious Golden Milk.

Golden Milk

What’s inside?

So Golden Milk is more than just turmeric and milk, but the good thing is that you can make it at home! Here’s the perfect recipe:

Milk – Any milk can be used, which makes it perfect for vegans or those with allergies, as you can use nut-based or soy milks. Warm milk will make it a delicious bedtime elixir.

Turmeric – Fresh turmeric root is the best to use; however just the powdered form will also work.

Coconut oil – IS there anything this can’t do?! The healthy fats will help the turmeric to be absorbed.

Fresh ground black pepper – You’ll likely have this in your cupboard, so this should be easy to source.

Honey – This will make the drink delicious without adding anything unhealthy.

These ingredients mixed together makes the perfect nightcap, full of delicious and nutritious ingredients.

Turmeric is a superhero!

One of the biggest benefits of turmeric os that it is an anti-inflammatory, which can help ease any swelling or pain in your joints. It can lower your blood sugar levels and aid digestion, which will help make falling asleep so much easier. It has also been suggested that it can help with illnesses such as diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome and some relief from these things will absolutely help you sleep!

Supporting cast

The other ingredients also have great health benefits. For example, black pepper can help battle coughs and colds, aid digestion and ease bowel issues. Coconut oil can boost your immune system, and honey is a digestive aid. So, not only will this magic drink help you sleep, but it will also keep you healthy during the day too.

Perfect Nightcap

The routine

An important part of getting all of the Golden Milk benefits is the act of making the beverage before going to bed. Taking time to make yourself an indulgent drink and drinking something warm will help you relax and put you into a sleepy mode – much more than a glass of wine and scrolling on your phone.

So tonight, make yourself a magic potion of Golden Milk and ingrain it into your bedtime routine. Lay back and relax and let sleep wash over you. Think of Golden Milk as a special sleep potion, right out of Hogwarts! Good night!