Recipes that will help you sleep better

Catching enough z’s can be a major stress for many of us. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the sleep we need! So how about if we told you there are recipes that help you sleep better? We know, we almost didn’t believe it either…

Banana nice cream

Maybe you have seen nice creams floating around on Instagram? It’s all about the #HealthyLiving life nowadays, but these could have some significant health benefits – especially when it comes to sleeping. Bananas are known to help relax muscles, and no one wants to go to bed tense. A big serving of banana nice cream – or any other banana recipe – before bed could help you feel relaxed and ready to settle down into a slumber in no time.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice is packed full of melatonin and is key to getting a great night’s sleep. Melatonin is a chemical that helps our brains drift into and stay completely relaxed. Perfect. Research has even shown that drinking cherry juice on a regular basis can see you get around 84 minutes more sleep each night. Now that is an idea we can get onboard with.

Photo: Unsplash

Walnut salad

This is a quick fix packed with plenty of healthy fats and nutrients, but did you know this recipe could help you sleep better? The walnuts in the salad are filled with tryptophan – an amino acid that enhances our natural sleep cycle. Research has shown that eating walnuts before bed will help you to drift off quicker, while lettuce contains a type of natural sedative.

Cheese and crackers

Yes – this is a perfectly acceptable meal! Cheese is delicious at any time of the day, and now having a little taste right before bed could be all you need to get that good night’s sleep. Cheese is made up of calcium which will activate the melatonin in your brain. To top it off, calcium also helps regulate any movement in your muscles. Any dairy product will have the same effect, but can you resist the temptation of some cheese? As long as you don’t mind the wild dreams that come with eating cheese before bed…

Chamomile lavender latte

We know what you’re thinking – “A latte before bedtime? Are you mad?!” Probably, but that isn’t the reason this recipe has made its way onto the list. Lavender has been a natural sleep aid used for many years thanks to its natural muscle relaxing properties. To top it off, chamomile works wonders at helping drift off to bed thanks to its mild tranquilizing properties.

Tomato and olive oil salad

We’re going all Mediterranean now as we head over to this perfect accompaniment to any meal time: tomatoes and olive oil. Not only are they a delicious combination, but they also have many benefits when it comes to getting enough sleep. Both the ingredients are packed full of melatonin which will help you drift off into the perfect slumber. Dreamy…

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Baked sweet potato

Sweet potatoes have been the new regular potatoes for years. But did you know they could help you sleep better, too? On top of everything else, is there nothing this food can’t do? Sweet potatoes contain high quantities of vitamins B6, C, and A, in addition to manganese and potassium. Combined, they all create the chemicals needed to help keep your brain asleep.

With all these options, it looks as though we’ll never have to suffer through another sleepless night again. Who knew off all the benefits certain foods could have? Plus, there are so many ways you can mix and match the ingredients to reap all the benefits. Move over dessert – we’re ready for bed!