The turmeric spice can do wonders for your skin

If you suffer from acne, you have probably tried every remedy you have found, but if they haven’t worked, you probably feel disheartened and self-conscious. It seems, however, that the solution to your spot troubles could be in your cupboard! Turmeric seems to be the super spice of the moment, with a list of benefits to your health as long as your arm, and it seems that your skin is on that list too! Perhaps it is because it is an anti-inflammatory or an antioxidant, but either way, reasearch has begun to suggest that turmeric can do wonders for your skin. So here is how you can reap the benefits.

Take a capsule

This is the easiest way to get your turmeric fix, with just a simple pill. They are not cheap, but brands such as Zea Skin Solutions offer a Clear Care Supplement that includes a whole host of wonder ingredients, including turmeric for $74.99. Having clear skin after years of discomfort, however, is absolutely priceless!

Put it on your face

Look around for a cleansing oil or lotion that contains turmeric, such as the Turmeric Now Tumerica Natural Cleansing Oil which is around $9.99. A cleansing oil that will leave your face feeling fresh and cleansed, and enjoying those other turmeric benefits, directly where you need it most. Kiehl’s has an amazing Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque which is the perfect top-up to your skincare regime as you can let it penetrate while you relax!

Mix it into your smoothie

Turmeric powder is available to buy at health food shops as a dietary supplement which can easily be put into a smoothie or shake. Although you might be a little cautious as it is known for being a little spicy, you actually can’t taste it once it is mixed in your with other ingredients. As well as the benefits to your skin, you will also reap all of the other benefits from this little yellow spice, so it’s the perfect pick-me-up to add to your morning drink.

Drink it with tea

A good cup of tea makes everything better, at least according to the British. Turmeric tea is an enjoyable way to include turmeric into your routine. One of the benefits of the spice is that it can reduce spikes of glucose and insulin and so it is a big help for diabetics. However, research suggests a link between insulin spikes and acne, so this could explain the benefit of metabolizing insulin for those who have acne.

If you have been suffering from acne for a long time and despite trying a whole host of different medicines, creams, and changes in diet, nothing seems to work, perhaps ask your doctor or dermatologist whether turmeric is the right choice for you. As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy this super spice, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, alongside studies that suggest that turmeric, amongst all its other wonderful benefits, can be great for easing acne. Spice up your life!