How to know if that girl really likes you

It can be pretty hard trying to figure out if the person you like feels the same about you, or whether a girl seems likes you but you had previously missed all of the signals. Relationships can be complex, but understanding the signals to begin a relationship can also be just as, if not more, challenging. If you’ve been struggling to figure out if a girl likes you or not then here are a few hints that she might be into you.

Smiling and talking

It might seem like a crazy thought but just smile back at a girl if she smiles at you and strike up a conversation. You’ll never know if she likes you, and if you like her, if you don’t start talking to each other. If her smile seems like a proper, genuine smile, which makes her eyes crack, then there is a good chance she likes you. If during your conversation she seems eager to talk, and genuinely engaged and interested in what you are saying then the girl is probably at least interested in going on a date to get to know you better. You should try asking her out for a coffee or something.

Knowing if she isn’t into you

If you ask her out on a date, after thinking she was interested, but she says no you’ll have to ask yourself whether she would still be saying no if it were a Hollywood star asking her. If she gives a reason why she can’t meet with you then ask yourself if she would have dropped this plans to meet with an A-list superstar like Chris Hemsworth. If she’d probably drop everything for him but not you, then she’s likely not interested.

Hugging, touching, and generally being close

If she often hugs you or makes excuses to touch you in some way then that’s a good sign that she likes you. As well as smiling at you, lightly touching your arm or grabbing the corner of your shirt might be an indication that she really likes you. If she hugs you often, it means she wants to be close to you, so it’s a good sign that there is something between you.

You have her full attention

If you’re talking to her and she purposefully puts away her phone, then it shows that she is giving you her full attention. Also if she leaves her group of friends to catch up with you when you’re nearby, then it shows she would like to spend her time with you over her friends, a sure sign that she likes you.

Hanging out and making future plans

Have you been hanging out with her a lot outside of school, or work? If you suggest to hang out for a while, is she quick to respond? Maybe you haven’t hung out yet, but she suggests that you guys should do something together in a few weeks or something. These are all good signs that she does like you and you should probably ask her out if you like her too.

You’ll never really know 100% whether someone likes you or not until you ask, which is why many people pass up on asking others out as they fear the rejection. These clues can give you an insight into whether the girl you like really likes you back or not, helping to avoid the awkward rejection.