habits of best friends that make their relationship forever strong

Bestie, BFF, boo – whatever name you use to refer to your best friend, they all mean the same thing. You have found someone that is just as crazy and hilarious as you are! But could there be signs that suggest your relationship is meant to last a lifetime?

Inside jokes

You know those moments when you feel like laughing, but no one else in the room would understand? That’s how you know you’ve got yourself an inside joke. Best friends are perfect for these, and they usually crop up out of the most unexpected places. The best bit is as best friends it’s likely that new ones will crop up all the time. Just make sure you leave time for all that unexplained and uncontrollable laughter!

A need to text

When you’re together, you have plenty to talk about; when you’re apart, you have even more to discuss! Life keeps going on, and the world keeps turning, but that doesn’t mean you can wait a few hours until you see your bestie. If something happens, you may feel as though you need to tell your best friend as a matter of absolute urgency. It’s a wonder there is anything left to talk about after texting all day.

Conversation starter

Even if you don’t text each other all the time, conversations can start like there was never any gap. Plus, having a best friend means there are no boundaries. Whether it’s talking about personal issues or gossiping about the latest office drama, a BFF is always there for a chat. Time and distance mean nothing when it comes to having a best friend.

You can do nothing

One of the best parts of having a best friend is the fact you don’t have to try and impress them. A night spent together can consist of PJs, popcorn, and a night in front of a movie without the worry of having to put on entertainment. Sometimes even a night of sitting on the couch both on your phones can still feel like an incredible night in – as long as your boo is there, there’s nothing to worry about.

Personal therapist

Sometimes best friends stand in and act as our own personal therapists. If there’s a work problem, issues with a partner, or life is just getting you down then your best friend is there as the shoulder to cry on. If you’re lucky, they may even know when you need a wakeup call and give you the harsh truth you need to hear. Plus, their advice is usually the best – they know you too well!

Know what to say

Occasionally we don’t want a talking to and just need somewhere to find comfort. It’s bestie to the rescue! After getting to know each other so well your best friend knows exactly what it is you need. Whether it’s somewhere to cry, a big bowl of snacks, or a cheesy rom-com, BFFs somehow have a sixth sense for what we need. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves.

You make each other shine

Although we may spend a lot of the time moaning about life to our best friend, they always know how to bring out the best in us. Through laughter, memories, and shared secrets, you know how to make your bestie shine, and they return the favor. After all, you only look as good as you feel and these friends know how to get us feeling on top of the world.

Regardless of what happens in your relationship you know one thing: they’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’re there for them too. Where would we be without the best friend in our lives? It’s time to go and show them some well-deserved love!