Times Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard redefined the term relationship goals

For anyone who has ever scrolled through one of Kristen Bell’s or Dax Shepard’s social media accounts, you will know that these two are crazy about each other. They are constantly posting adorable photos of each other on Instagram or corresponding through tweets. Don’t worry if you’ve never gotten the chance to see their cuteness, though, because we’ve gathered some of their best couple moments and created a list everyone can enjoy.

These two have been together for over a decade, so, needless to say, they’ve got quite a few precious photos together. From gooey kissing pics, to silly selfies, to fun times with the family, they’ve done it all, and posted it online for the world to “like.” Over the last several years this pair has become the definition of #couplegoals and we really can’t stop gushing over them. Now that’s not to say they haven’t had their difficulties because every married couple has. For instance, there were recent cheating allegations against Dax, but from the looks of it, that’s just bologna because he and Kristen seem to be more in love than ever.

When they celebrated the Fourth in style

Let’s start off with the fact that they love to dress up together. Back in 2017, Kristen and Dax wore these American flag onesies for the Fourth of July and posted this perfect picture for everyone to see.

They sure know how to give a salute to ‘Merica and we’re sure they had a fun time watching fireworks, barbecuing, and swimming – or whatever it was that they actually did this day. Regardless, the duo proved that they could create their own fireworks because their love has such a spark.

When they wore this to the GOT premiere

For those of you who didn’t know, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell kind of love the hit television series Game of Thrones. The two went to the show’s premiere wearing these great outfits. Did they care that they stood out, though? Nope! They walked around knowing that they looked better than anyone else there, even though the rest of the people in attendance were all wearing dresses and suits.

They definitely proved that they were true, diehard fans, complete with their GOT tank tops and fake tattoos. If you can find someone that will go to a major Hollywood event dressed in casual wear with you, it means you’ve probably met your match.

When they walked their daughter to school

Dax and Kristen have two children together, their darling daughters, Lincoln and Delta. It’s clear how much they love their kids by what they do for them. Fr example, Kristen, who was in the wildly popular children’s movie Frozen, dressed up as the character Elsa for Halloween – not once, but twice – just to make her daughter happy, though she is probably so sick of hearing about the film.

Anyway, these parents don’t just drop their little girls off at school. They walk them all the way there, holding hands as a family. Here, they’re strolling along with Delta in August 2018. Kristen posted the photo on her Instagram, calling them Team Shepard and mentioning how much they love school.

When they created an ‘Africa’ cover

If you haven’t seen the viral video of Kristen and Dax lip-singing to Toto’s song Africa, then we highly recommend that be the first thing you do after you finish reading this article. The pair traveled to Africa back before they had kids and created an unbelievable video cover of the ’80s song, showing them dancing and singing, running in the rain, and traveling through the beautiful country.

Once the video went viral, the band even tweeted out their approval, saying they loved it and that the two were #couplegoals. One thing about the filming that is lesser known, however, is that Bell and Shepard were actually fined for dancing in the Serengeti. Totally worth it!

When Kristen was new to Instagram

Even though Kristen Bell is an Instagram pro these days, she has only been on the social media network since February 2016. When trying to figure out what to post for her first photo, she put a lot of time, thought, and effort into her decision. In the end, she decided to express her love for her hubby and post a cute kissing selfie.

She used the caption “I don’t know how to use instagram but I do like this picture.” While we are totally jealous of their relationship, we admit that we love this picture, too. The pic got such a reaction from followers that some are still commenting almost three years later.

When they really knew how to party

Admit it, you’ve tried to imagine yourself at a crazy Hollywood party. You’ve thought about all the dancing, drinking, eating, partying, and everything else that goes on at such an event. Well, apparently it does get pretty crazy, at least for our happy couple.

The pair whipped out a board game in the middle of the Golden Globes after party and started playing. We wonder if their famous friends joined them or just laughed and took this picture.

When they waited to get married

Dax actually proposed to Kristen in 2010, but the two decided to wait to get married until LGBTQ couples could also marry in the state of California, where they live.

In June 2013, after a bill was overturned, same-gender marriage became legal, and Kristen tweeted out to Dax asking if he would marry her now. They got hitched at a Beverly Hills courthouse in October of that year. Kristen was so happy, she couldn’t stop crying and it looks like Dax thought it was pretty funny.

When they dressed up for Ellen’s birthday

In case you haven’t noticed, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard typically like to go all out every chance they get. Ellen Degeneres’ birthday was certainly no exception. They appeared on her show for her 59th birthday back in January 2017.

Ellen loves gifts, but even more than receiving them, she loves giving them. Dax and Kristen dressed up in fabulous outfits to help her present extremely generous gifts to everyone in the audience. They later helped her celebrate the big day with a giant cake.

When they danced in the street

Have you ever been about to climb onto your motorcycle and you just felt the need to bust a move? Well Dax and Kristen have, that’s for sure!

These two have been dancing through life together for so long that they don’t even care anymore who sees how cute they are. Kristen posted this as a birthday shoutout to her beloved husband and said that he is her favorite dancing partner. It really doesn’t get much cuter than that.

When they ultimate high-fived

We already know that these two love photoshoots and this was part of a super special one while they were vacationing in Hawaii. As this specific trip was pre-children, Kristen captioned it saying how different vacations used to be before kids.

While it’s clear that they love their children, it’s always nice to take some time away as a couple. They may not get to do it as often anymore, but that sure doesn’t stop them from having a blast together.

When they had the best Twitter response ever

Both Kristen and Dax are very active on Twitter and they often post silly shout outs to each other and funny responses to their fans. One time, a follower tagged them in a post and said that they could imagine the two just sitting on their couches responding to Twitter comments.

Kristen took it one step further and replied with a selfie of her and Dax doing just that. Celebrities, they really are just like us.

When they stuffed their faces for a good cause

Everyone knows that the best part of any benefit is the food. That’s why people get all dressed up and go out to these types of events. Every year, Kristen and Dax attend the baby2baby gala and they post the funniest pictures of them stuffing their faces with delicious food.

In all honesty, we’d probably do the same thing. Baby2baby is an organization that provides basic necessities like diapers and clothing to low-income children from newborn infants up to 12 year olds. Talk about a charitable couple!

When they held hands while roller skating

Kristen LOVES roller skating. It’s no secret. She has admitted that her love for her favorite rollerskating rink is actually unreal. The actress will never be old to whip out her skates and go around the rink with her hubby. They recently celebrated their daughter’s birthday here, as well.

And of course, the Bell-Shepard duo take something so simple and make it absolutely adorable by holding hands and having these goofy smiles on their faces. The pure joy and excitement is palpable and it makes us want to join in on the party.

When they invited people to go on a double date

Who wouldn’t wanna have a double date game night with these two? The couple teamed up with an organization called Opening Act that supports underserved schools in New York to give the students the tools they need to succeed.

They opened up a competition where people could donate to the cause and enter to win a double date with them. This dream team is constantly being philanthropic on top of being pretty much the most precious husband and wife ever. They even wore matching holiday sweaters!

When they were just a young couple in love

Kristen and Dax have actually been together for about 11 years. That is a lot of memories and time together. This photo was from the early beginnings of their relationship and you can see the love blossoming between them.

They have both said that they feel so luck to have each other as husband and wife, not to mention best friends. They also accept each other for who they are and would never try to change the other. They really are #couplegoals.

When they made each other laugh

There are few times when you’ll see a photo of K and D where they’re not laughing like a couple of goons. If they’re able to continue making each other laugh like this after spending so many years together, they must really be in love.

They do say that laughter is the best medicine, and it really is the most important thing in any relationship. In the end of the day, they love to joke around and just spend quality time together.

When they had matching Christmas jammies

Have you ever seen a more perfect couple? They not only have matching Christmas jammies, but also Mom and Dad Santa hats – which is yet another sign how much they love being parents.

There was speculation recently regarding potential infidelity with Dax, but both have shut those rumors down, laid them to rest, and moved on. They are now even stronger and have never been happier. It seems nothing can split these lovebirds up and we hope their relationship only continues to grow in the years to come.