How to increase passion in your life

Life is nothing without passion, and yet it is so easy to unintentionally let that spark fizzle out. Whether it is the electricity in a long-term relationship that has faded after several years or the fire that no longer drives your ambition, when passion is gone it can be difficult to get it back. That being said, all is not lost. Here are some ways to increase the passion in your life right now, before it is too late!

Where is it lacking?

As with most things, the first step is finding out where the problem lies. Admitting that passion is lacking in an area of your life allows you to work on fixing that. It might be an awkward conversation to have with a partner, but it could be what brings you closer together and rekindles that romance.

Take your time

When you are rushing from place to place and project to project, it is understandably easy to lose your passion for something that you may previously have loved. Slow down and tap into the best version of yourself to help unearth that hidden passion and drive. Do this by going on walks regularly, practicing yoga or meditation or writing down your thoughts every morning. Give yourself time to check in with how you are feeling, and watch that passion grow!

How to increase passion in your life

Be the author of your own story

Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a rut and feel as though everything is already mapped out for us, however, as Natasha Bedingfield taught us “the rest is still unwritten!”. Take ownership of your own story and write it in the way you want it to go. It is easy to get into a self-limiting story by telling ourselves that this is all we will ever do, or this is the way things always have to be, and if you keep that mindset, it will never change.

Shake things up

There is nothing that kills passion more than routine. If your relationship feels as though it is lacking in excitement, make an effort to do something romantic and spontaneous. Whether you put a note in your partner’s lunchbox, whisk them off for a date in the middle of the day or just break out of the monotony of life a little by mixing things up day-to-day, this change of pace will hopefully bring back some passion. Treat it like you are dating again – if the passion was there, to begin with, a little work can bring it back!

Try something new

Whatever that means for you, be it a new way of expressing love to your partner, a new hobby or just a new dish, see if these things can reignite the passion in your life. Keep trying new things wherever possible and watch your passion grow steadily.

How to increase passion in your life

Say no to fear

When we get complacent and stop doing things that scare us, our life becomes boring. They say you should do one thing every day that scares you and it’s certainly worth a try. When fear holds you back, whether it is hidden behind worries about money, experience or time, you lose your spark of passion and drive. Take a risk, do something that scares you and see how amazing it feels!

It is easy to feel as though once passion has dwindled that you will never get it back and unless you try that will be the case! However, if you work at it, you can keep the fire of your passion burning for many years to come.